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Insane Ukraine is a realistic and fun Ukraine travel guide that offers rare and fair insights and tips from a local perspective. It introduces you to the country, which by all means can look rather odd at first. Be ready for some unexpected adventures, funny misunderstandings and warm reception from locals while learning to travel in Ukraine in a smart way, so that you will leave with nothing but positive memories and experiences.

From the must-see cities to some pretty special places only locals know about, this Ukraine guidebook will give you a good idea of which places to visit on your trip to Ukraine, where to stay and how to get around.

But more importantly, it addresses the Q&A’s that everyone has on their mind: is it safe to travel to Ukraine alone, is it safe to visit for a person of color, how to stay away from trouble, how to book accommodation and use taxis, where to withdraw foreign currency, and much more insider Ukraine travel advice!

This Ukraine travel guide provides the exclusive local tips on how to behave, what to expect and how Ukraine works in general.

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review Lasse H S
Handy little guide
January 28, 2018
Format: Kindle Edition

Good fun, and good tips from a Ukrainian that loves her country (which clearly shows in the writing) and takes a look at it from the outside.
I have travelled in Ukraine and it is indeed an insane place - in the positive sense of the word. I love the country, I have enjoyed every single place I have visited, and I found perhaps a bit too much focus on what to be aware of - I have never had a bad experience, but I will probably be a bit more careful next time I go. I'm not sure that is the point of the book :-)
For someone planning a quick trip to an often overlooked country, this is a great and handy little guide. Much recommended. And I need to go to Chernivtsi - that's my main take-away!

review Nastia
Good guide
January 27, 2018
Format: Kindle Edition

SPOT ON on beauty procedures in Ukraine. This is where I go from Danmark for all cosmetic procedures small and big. Bit a shame that doctors/cosmetologists don't speak English too good. But if you take a friend for translation, the salons/clinics will gladly serve foreign customer. That's sort of prestigeous for them :) You forgot to mention dental services that are cheep as dirt in copmarison with foreign prices. I am getting my superadvanced braces in Ukraine this summer thats for sure.
Awesome giude!

review E
She gives insight to the Ukraine in a casual and easily digestible way
February 3, 2018
Format: Kindle Edition

When it comes to the Ukraine, Lena knows what she's talking about! As a native, she gives insight to the Ukraine in a casual and easily digestible way. This guide is a must before setting diving into this highly underrated country!

Did You Know?


Ukraine is the largest country in Europe if you don’t take Russia into account which is only partly situated in Europe.


Kyiv metro station “Arsenalna” is the deepest one in the world and goes as deep as 105 meter underground.


One of the geographical centers of Europe is situated in village Dilove in the Carpathian mountains of Ukraine.


The gas lamp was invented in Lviv in 1853. Today you can visit a restaurant - exhibition dedicated to its inventor (read more in the book).


Ukrainians are among the most educated people in the word. More than 99% of population is literate and 79% of young adults are enrolled in some form of higher education, which places Ukraine in top 10 countries with highest amount of diplomas per capita.

Ukraine Bird View

What’s Inside



Kyiv has a lot of stories to tell A major destination for visitors, this populous city covered in golden domes is a capital not only to Ukraine but to the entire Slavic world Unravel the historic past of Eastern Europe or party at some of the most extravagant nightclubs, Kyiv has it all.


Train Travel In Ukraine

“Long-distance train trips come with a culture of its own which is a topic of many jokes between Ukrainians themselves Be ready for chit-chats with random train passengers, some soothing train track beats, and weird mixes of smells including those of vodka, socks, and homemade food taken onboard as a snack.”

Beautiful girl

Beauty Treatments

Ukrainian girls are known to be among the most beautiful ones in the world And it is not a surprise, given that they invest a lot of time and resources into looking good Such things as manicure, hairdressing, eyebrow tattooing, eyelash extensions, etc , are regular routines for many of them. And since the entire beauty industry is in high demand, it cultivated some beauty professionals of really high standards.


Lena Tarasyuk is a Ukrainian traveler and blogger, who writes about her adventures on A number of her articles is dedicated to her home country Ukraine, which eventually turned into a book guide “Insane Ukraine”.

Leaving her hometown Rivne at the age of 17, Lena moved on to study abroad. Having lived in three European countries, she is now calling Denmark her second home. Lena continues traveling extensively, and have already visited nearly 40 countries around the world: from Australia, Malaysia and India, to Panama, United States and almost all of Europe.

It was the diversity of places she visited that made her take a better look at her own country and see Ukraine through the traveler’s eyes. Lena discovered the new side of Ukraine that she’d never seen – the adventurous, deeply cultural and insane Ukraine, which will be a refreshing experience for frequent travelers bored of the basic things.

Author - Lena Tarasyuk